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Maryborough St Paul's Anglican Church
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Allora - St Davids Anglican Church

The very impressive St Davids Anglican Church in Allora was built in 1876 and is still in excellent condition. We were lucky to run into Father John, the priest, and were able to see inside.

Allora - St Davids Anglican Church Rear Stained Glass Windows

The modern but striking stained glass windows at the back of St Davids Anglican Church, Allora.

Allora - St Patricks Catholic Church

St Patricks Catholic Church, Allora.

Aratula - St Pauls Lutheran Church

St Pauls Lutheran Church in Aratula looks like quite a substantial building, although it was unfortunately locked when we passed by.

Aratula - St Stephens Anglican Church

With its unusual facade and gazebo-style structure in its grounds, St Stephens Anglican Church in Aratula piques our interest and we'll be back one Sunday to attend Mass there - I'll get some pictures of the inside then.

Bangalow - All Souls Anglican Church (26 Jun 2008)

Bangalow All Souls Anglican Church features unusual styling with a unique belltower.

Bangalow - St Kevins Catholic Church (26 Jun 2008)

St Kevins Catholic Church is a Bangalow landmark.

Bangalow - St Kevins Catholic Church Entrance (26 Jun 2008)

The imposing entrance to St Kevins Catholic Church in Bangalow.

Bangalow - Uniting Church (26 Jun 2008)

The Bangalow Uniting Church is a charming, typical country timber church..

Barney View - Saint James Catholic Church (23 Feb 2007)

It is worth the extra trip to Barney View to see St James Catholic Church. The church is pretty, and there's a historic graveyard as well as the view of Mt Barney.

Beaudesert Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church

The Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church In Beaudesert is part of a large complex, including a school. It is a large timber building which is well maintained and is worth visiting if you are passing by. It is located on the outskirts of town on the road to Boonah.

Beenleigh - Bethesda Lutheran Church

The Bethesda Lutheran Church is quite an unusual building and caught my eye as I was driving around town.

Boonah - Christ Church Anglican Church

Christ Church Anglican church in Boonah is a substantial brick building.

Bundaberg Christ Church (Anglican)

We were very pleasantly surprised to find a church of the size of Christ Church Anglican Church in Bundaberg. Matins were being said when we arrived so we were able to enjoy the beauty inside the church but not able to photograph it.

Bundaberg Former Presbyterian Church

Directly across the street from Christ Church Anglican Church in Bundaberg is the heritage listed, former Presbyterian church, now owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Thankfully, because of its heritage listing, it has to be maintained in original condition - the St Andrew's cross is still visible.

Coolana - St Johns Lutheran Church (3 Nov 2007)

One of the features of the Coolana area is St Johns Lutheran Church.

Coominyah - St Francis Xavier Catholic Church (Dec 2006)

St Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Coominya is a fine example of rural Queensland churches. It was opened in 1921.

Dayboro - St Aidan's Anglican Church (28 Jan 2008)

St Aidan's Anglican Church is in excellent condition. - St Francis Xaviers Catholic Church (1898)(28 Jan 2008)

Built in 1898, St Francis Xavier Catholic Church still graces Dayboro.

Dayboro - Our Saviours Lutheran Church (28 Jan 2008)

Our Saviour's Lutheran Church in Dayboro.

Dayboro - Uniting Church (28 Jan 2008)

The pretty Dayboro Uniting Church.

Esk - St Agnes Anglican Church and Hall (Dec 2006)

St Agnes Anglican Church and Hall in Esk look shady and inviting.

Ewingsdale - St Columbas Anglican Church (1915)

Built in 1915, St Columba's Anglican Church at Ewingsdale is great example of the typical, small timber country church which has served generations.

Forest Hill - Presbyterian Church

The Forest Hill Presbyterian Church is a typical example of a small wooden country church; unusual only in that there aren't many Presbyterian churches around now days.

Forest Hill - St Josephs Catholic Church

The lovely St Joseph's Catholic Church in Forest Hill was an unexpected find, hidden away in a side street.

Gatton - St Marys Catholic Church (3 Nov 2007)

St Mary's Catholic Church in Gatton is diagonally opposite Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School but is a modern building, not quite in keeping with the old school buildings.

Gatton - Uniting Church (3 Nov 2007)

The Gatton Uniting Church is directly opposite Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic School.

Gatton - St Albans Anglican Church (3 Nov 2007)

St Alban's Anglican Church is on the main intersection leading to the main street in Gatton.

Goomburra - St Johns Anglican Church

St Johns Anglican Church at Goomburra is part of the same parish run by Father John of St Davids at Allora. He kindly told us where the door key was hidden so we could get inside to look around (No! I'm not telling!).

Hidden Vale St Anne's Anglican Church

The tiniest church I have seen so far is St Anne's Anglican Church at Hidden Vale, not far from Grandchester. Nonetheless, it still hosts Mass once per month. It is beautifully situated on a hilltop with picturesque views west to the mountains. At some time long ago the parishioners have laboured to construct the steps up the bank and the (now leaning) timber gate.

Kerry St John's Catholic Church

The little weatherboard St John's Catholic Church is located on a pretty hillside on the road leading south from Kerry (itself south of Beaudesert) to the Lost World. It is pretty and well maintained church and there is also a graveyard further up the hill behind the church and not easily visible if the grass is long. The graveyard is worth visiting as a history of early Irish settlement in the area.

Laidley - Anglican Church of Our Holy Saviour (1909) (8 Sep 2007)

Laidley is well supplied with churches. The Anglican Church of Our Saviour was built in 1909 and is a real gem. It's beautiful inside as well (see more photos including the inside on my country churches website).

Laidley - Apostolic Church of Queensland Cathedral (8 Sep 2007)

The cathedral for the Apostolic Church of Queensland is in the countryside not far from Laidley. There was a wedding in progress when we visited and the people appeared very well-heeled and were immaculately dressed. The hall had places set for hundreds of guests but "bouncers" came out and basically told us to piss off; hmmm.

Laidley - Salvation Army Hall (8 Sep 2007)

The Salvation Army Hall (Church?) is hidden away in a side street in Laidley.

Laidley - St Patricks Catholic Church (8 Sep 2007)

St Patricks Catholic Church (1918) is another striking building in a quiet back street in Laidley.

Laidley - Uniting Church (8 Sep 2007)

The Laidley Uniting Church is a pretty sight on the main street and with a bright coat of colourful paint and interesting architecture.

Marburg All Saints Anglican Church

All Saints Anglican Church in Marburg is in excellent condition and is a fine example of small wooden country churches, with stained glass windows over the altar. We attended Mass here on Sunday 5 June 2006 and were very warmly welcomed by the parishioners.

Interior of Marburg All Saints Anglican Church

The interior of All Saints Anglican Church in Marburg. The stained glass windows over the altar add a splash of colour to the neat interior.

Marmor Communal Church

The only operational church I could find in Marmor. There is no name, so I guess it is a "generic" church used on a rotational basis by the various congregations. I wonder how the crosses on the roof came to be askew?

St Paul's Anglican Church Maryborough

This is the impressive St Paul's Anglican Church in Maryborough(very similar architecturally to Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane) opened in 1879. It has a very large free standing Bell Tower.

Minden - Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church (8 Sep 2007)

The Minden Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church is the larger of the two Lutheran churches serving the town and also features a large graveyard illustrating the town's German heritage.

Minden - St Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church (8 Sep 2007)

St Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church is a couple of kilometres down the country road serving Minden.Unfortunately it was locked up tight when we visited.

Mullumbimby - St Martins Anglican Church (18 Apr 2008)

St Martin's Anglican Church in Mullumbimby is a substantial brick structure. The original little timber church (circa 1900) is still in the grounds (see below).

Mullumbimby - St Martins Anglican Church Original Church (Circa 1900) (18 Apr 2008)

The original little timber church which was St Martin's Anglican Church in Mullumbimby prior to the construction of the current, and much larger, brick church. It's still in excellent condition.

Murwillumbah - St Andrews Presbyterian Church (17 Dec 2007)

St Andrew's Presbyterian Church is a Murwillumbah landmark - not so sure about the blue highlighting though.....

Oxenford - Holy Rood Anglican Church (30 Mar 2007)

The pretty Holy Rood Anglican Church at Oxenford was in danger of closing a few years ago but thanks to the dedication of a band of parishioners it is now thriving and in excellent condition.

Rathdowney - St Davids Anglican Church

St David's Anglican Church is nestled in a back street of Rathdowney.

Rathdowney - St Marys Catholic Church

St Mary's Catholic Church in Rathdowney is a typical example of a picturesque timber country church.

Rockhampton - St Josephs Roman Catholic Cathedral

The imposing St Joseph's Roman Catholic Cathedral in Rockhampton. It is as beautiful inside as it is outside.

Rockhampton - St Josephs Stained Glass Window Behind Altar

The stained glass window in the latest addition behind the main altar in St Joseph's Catholic Cathedral, Rockhampton.

Rosevale - St Patricks Catholic Church

St Patricks Catholic Church in Rosevale was on of three in town and is a pretty typical example of a small timber country church. Look at the lean on the small toilet at left of picture!

Rosevale - St Pauls Lutheran Church

St Pauls Lutheran Church in Rosevale. The whole Ipswich and Brisbane Valley areas were heavily settled by German migrants in the 1800s - see my Marburg page for more on this aspect.

Rosewood - Belltower Outside Uniting Church

Frankly, I don't normally find much that's photogenic about Uniting, Baptist and similar churches but this free standing bell tower outside the Rosewood Uniting Church is both historic (built 1875) and worth a shot.

Rosewood - St Brigid's Roman Catholic Church

What an unexpected pleasure to chance upon the large St Brigid's Roman Catholic Church in Rosewood. Built in 1909, the pressed metal ceiling and stained glass windows, plus the general light and airy ambience are sure to please. The altar and fixtures around are all timber but are painted to appear as marble.

Rosewood - St Brigid's Roman Catholic Church Stained Glass Window

The pretty stained glass window above the altar in St Brigid's Catholic Church in Rosewood.

Rosewood - St Luke's Anglican Church

St Luke's Anglican Church in Rosewood is well maintained by a devoted little band of ladies who were polishing and cleaning when we visited. Inside is a statement in timber and country ambience.

Tamrookum - All Saints Anglican Church

Pretty All Saints Anglican Church is the main drawcard in Tamrrokum. Built by Architect Robin Dods, it stands out from the surrounding countryside due to its lovely gardens.

Tumbulgum - St Peters Anglican Church (1954) (17 Dec 2007)

St Peter's Anglican Church in Tumbulgum - the same age as me!

Uki - Holy Trinity Anglican Church (4 Jan 2007)

Holy Trinity Anglican Church is located next to the creek running through Uki.

Uki - St Columba Catholic Church (4 Jan 2007)

St Columba Catholic Church in Uki is another of those quaint timber country churches like its Anglican cousin Holy Trinity across the creek.

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