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Maryborough - Criterion Hotel
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Well, I've been to lots of pubs, bars and other drinking places in many countries around the world. While I recognise the history, architecture and particular ambience that each country's pubs have, there's something special about Australian pubs. Maybe it's the light? We're blessed with a particularly bright and clear light here and I can't recall many "dark and dingy" pubs here in Australia.

Well, whatever it is that's special about them, this page is dedicated to the great Aussie pub. In line with my interest in things abandoned or otherwise disused, you'll also find a section on abandoned and disused pubs, along with a section on operating pubs, usually of the country rural, remote, regional or historic persuasion.

Please feel free to contact me with your feedback or comments, especially any extra background or information you may be able to provide, and while you're here why not sign my guest book so I know you've been visiting.

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Last Updated: 22 Aug 2011
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